How Artists Are Incorporating Classical Music

Classical Music

Classical music isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about modern music, but you’d be shocked to know how much influence it has on all music today. Classical music has always had a huge impact on modern music by defining the rules of how music works. If you’re interested in incorporating classical influences into your own music, here are some tips to get you started:

1. Chord Progression

Chord progressions today stem from chords that were popular in classical music as well. One of the most famous chord progressions in classical music is Pachelbel’s Canon in D. This has been used in many modern songs, from Green Day’s “Basket Case” to Maroon 5’s “Memories.”

2. Structure

Classical music often follows specific structures, such as sonata form, theme and variations, and rondo form. While these sound like fancy structures, they are ultimately familiar forms to us when we break it down. For example, the Sonata form is a longer version of the structure ABA, and the rondo form is a central theme that alternates between new ideas – similar to a verse and chorus structure.

3. Melody

Classical music is known for its beautiful, soaring melodies. Try incorporating classical-inspired melodies into your own songs, experimenting with different scales and modes.

4. Classical Sound

There are several ways to get the classical sound including fast arpeggios, scales, counterpoint, and harmonies. For example, JVKE’s song, “Golden Hour” is essentially just a classical piano piece with pop vocals on top. This will give your song a more virtuosic feel.

5. Orchestration

Classical music often features complex arrangements for a large ensemble of instruments. Try experimenting with orchestration in your own music, perhaps with a modern twist using electronic sounds. Adding orchestration will add more drama to your song and make it sound bigger.

6. Sampling

Many modern songs sample classical music, often in the form of a recognizable melody or chord progression. Consider sampling classical music that is in the public domain, or getting permission to use copyrighted material.

Incorporating classical music influences into modern music can create something truly unique and beautiful. Take inspiration from classical pieces and experiment with incorporating those elements into your own songs. Whether you’re a pop artist, a hip-hop artist, or anything in between, using classical music influences can elevate your music to the next level.

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