What Your Songwriting Method Says About You

Songwriting method

We all have our own groovy ways of tackling songwriting. Some of us dive into lyrics first, while others strum along with a chord progression or hum catchy melodies. And hey, we might even switch things up depending on the song or our mood. But have you ever wondered what your favorite songwriting method says about you? Well, let’s have a little jam and find out!

Lyrics First: Wordsmith Extraordinaire

If you’re all about writing lyrics first, it’s like poetry flows through your veins. Words come naturally to you, and you probably have a knack for playing with phrases and rhymes. You’re the proud owner of a trusty notebook that’s filled to the brim with song ideas, and your phone’s notes app? Let’s just say it’s bursting with inspiration. You appreciate the power of words and find joy in crafting lyrical masterpieces.

Chord Progression Lover: Structure Seeker

For those who groove to starting with a chord progression, you dig having a solid foundation. Structure and organization are your jam, and harmonies make you smile. You might even have a favorite chord that pops up in most of your songs (we all have our faves, right?). Building a song from the ground up tickles your musical fancy, as you strive to find the perfect progression that complements your lyrics like a match made in songwriting heaven.

Melody Maestro: Queen of Tunes

If starting with the melody is your jam, you’ve got music running through your veins. Melodies mysteriously pop into your head, demanding to be put on paper. You’re likely to be a singer, always on the hunt for that perfect melody to bring your lyrics to life. You’re not afraid to experiment with tempos and rhythms, hunting for that magic combination that’ll have listeners humming along in bliss.

Improv: Fearless Explorer

For the adventurous souls who sit down and improvise until something magical happens, you’re the true risk-takers. You trust that the music will find its way to you, and you’re ready to embark on a creative journey. Exploring the depths of your musicality brings you joy, and you’re no stranger to taking a leap of faith and trying new things. You embrace the process of creating a song, eagerly discovering where the music will lead you.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to write a song. The beauty of music lies in its unique expression through each individual. By understanding your own songwriting method, you can tap into your true artistic voice and create music that resonates with you and your audience.

So, what does your favorite songwriting method say about you? Whether you’re a poet at heart, an intrepid explorer, a stickler for structure, or a melody magician, embrace your method and let it guide you in creating music that speaks to your soul. When you tie your song together in your own special way, something extraordinary happens. Get ready to rock the music scene with your one-of-a-kind sound!

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