Using AI in Music Without It Taking Over

Using AI in Music

Hey there, music creators! By now you’ve probably come across using AI in music and how there is a bit of skepticism around it. Rightfully, some are afraid that AI would take over creativity. But this overshadows how powerful AI can be as a creative tool. It has the ability of providing an artist tools to reach beyond their own scope. So let’s take a look at ways you can work with AI without it taking over. 

Start with Your Spark

When venturing into the realm of AI music tools, always kick things off with your own ideas. You’re the mastermind, after all! Begin with your catchy phrases, melodies, or chord progressions. This way, you don’t immediately jump into generating suggestions. Not only does this get your own creative juices pumping, it also steers you away from purely generating your lyrics or melodies.

AI: Your Customizable Sidekick

When using AI in music, don’t be afraid to put your personal touch on the suggestions. You may not completely vibe with some of the suggestions, even if you like them. So twist some words, modify melodies, and shape lyrics to match your unique style. This encourages you to write more rather than relying on AI to write you an entire song. 

Summon AI for Inspiration

Instead of solely relying on AI to create lyrics or melodies, use it as an inspiring muse. If you find that your song is mostly generated or even fully generated, it’s time to change things around. While a fully AI generated AI song can still sound great, it’s great practice to write lyrics or melodies on your own. Take a look at your song and see what you can take away or add to bring it closer to your artistic vision. 

In conclusion, let’s embrace AI’s immense potential as a powerful creative tool. Sure, skepticism surrounds AI, but it’s time to uncover the real magic it brings to our artistic journey. Using AI in music should amplify our artistic vision and take us beyond our wildest imaginations. So, go and explore the ways we can partner with AI without losing control. Together, we’ll create music that transcends boundaries and leaves a lasting impact on the world.

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