5 Educational Ways to Advance Your Music Career

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Embarking on a music career is a thrilling ride! But let’s be honest, it can also be a bit challenging. Don’t worry, though, because there’s a treasure trove of educational content out there that can take your music biz and songwriting skills to the next level. Let’s explore five avenues together:

It’s Time to Hit the Books

Get ready to dive into a world of songwriting knowledge! Books are pretty old school but that doesn’t mean they can’t unlock your creativity and help you overcome those pesky creative blocks. It can range from something specific for your craft like “The Art of Songwriting” by Ed Bell or something to inspire you like “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olsen. These books will be your trusty guides on your quest to master the craft and get those creative juices flowing.

The Vast World of YouTube

Here, you’ll find a boatload of free educational content to kickstart your music journey. From chord progressions to music marketing tips, there’s a video for everything. Channels friendly to beginners are your go-to spots for inspiration and practical tips. So get ready to go down the YouTube rabbit hole and soak up some wisdom.

College Courses

If you’re up for a more structured learning experience, why not consider taking a course at your local university? It might require a bit more commitment, but you’ll get to learn from experienced professors, get personalized feedback, and collaborate with fellow industry professionals with a lifelong music career. Plus, the connections you make can lead to some exciting opportunities.

In-Person Mentoring

Sometimes, all you need is a wise mentor to guide you on your musical journey. Look for experienced songwriters in your local music community or through professional music organizations. A mentor can give you personalized feedback, share their industry knowledge, and be your creative cheerleader. Collaborating with a mentor is like having a secret weapon that propels your growth as a songwriter.

Online Courses

Want a balance between YouTube and the structure of College Courses? Online courses are where it’s at! Platforms like Music Ally offer a wide range of courses specifically designed for musicians and songwriters like you. You’ll get comprehensive lessons on topics like music marketing, copyright, and social media strategies. The best part? You can learn at your own pace and tap into the expertise of industry pros. So get cozy in your PJs and let the online world be your classroom!

In a nutshell, becoming a better musician is all about being a lifelong learner. Books, YouTube, college courses, mentoring, and online courses like those offered by Music Ally are your trusty sidekicks on this incredible journey. Embrace the knowledge, broaden your horizons, and let your creativity soar. Remember, becoming a master songwriter is a lifelong pursuit, but with the right educational resources, you’ll be unstoppable with your music career. So go forth, rock those lyrics, and leave your mark on the world!

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