How to Revive Old Songs

Old songs

When we grow as artists, we may have some old songs that have never been produced or seen the light of day. Maybe they were written when you were just starting out, but they still hold a lot of meaning to you. Here are some ways that you can take those old songs and bring them to life again!

Breathe Life with Production

That old song of yours might just be waiting for its moment in the spotlight. If the lyrics and melody still resonate with you, consider producing it. This could mean collaborating with a producer or taking the reins yourself if you’re comfortable with music production. Once you are finished, you can even release it into the world. 

Remix Your Creativity

Give your old song a modern twist by creating a remix. You don’t need to stick to the original structure – feel free to change up some lyrics or melodies. Remixing can be liberating, allowing you to explore a new way to present the song that you may have not thought of before.

Unleash the Power of Reharmonization

One way to infuse new energy into your old song is through reharmonization. Essentially, this involves changing the underlying chords while keeping the melody intact. This subtle adjustment can transform the entire mood of the song, taking it in directions you might not have originally envisioned. 

Adapt for Your Current Voice:

As artists, we evolve and grow, and sometimes the songs we wrote in the past might not fully resonate with who we are today. Use this opportunity to adapt the lyrics or themes to reflect your current voice and experiences. This transformation can give your old song a renewed relevance, making it a true reflection of your journey.

Share the Journey

As you revive your old songs, consider documenting the process. Share your journey on social media platforms or on your artist website. Let your audience in on the behind-the-scenes work, from the decision to revive the song to the choices you’re making during the process. This can create a sense of anticipation and connection, allowing your fans to be part of the song’s revival.

In the end, reviving old songs is not just about resurrecting forgotten melodies; it’s about embracing your growth as an artist and honoring the journey you’ve been on. Every song you’ve written is a snapshot of who you were at that moment, and bringing those songs back to life is a celebration of your evolution. So go ahead – dust off those old songs and infuse them with brand new life.

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