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The Importance of Dynamics in Songwriting

As a songwriter, incorporating dynamics into your music can elevate your songs and make them more engaging for listeners. Dynamics refer to the variations in volume, tempo, and intensity in a piece of music. Whether you are a new songwriter … Read More

The Power of a Focal Point in Your Melody

Creating a focal point in your melody is essential for adding direction and purpose to your song. A focal point is a specific word or phrase that the melody centers around, drawing the listener’s attention and adding emphasis to the … Read More

Guitar Chords

Guitar Chords 101

Playing chords on the guitar can be a tricky task for beginners, but with practice and understanding of the different ways to play them, it can become a fun and rewarding experience. There are several ways to learn how to … Read More


Creating Emotion with Melisma in Songwriting

Melisma, also known as vocal runs or flourishes, is a vocal technique in which a single syllable of a word is sung over several notes in a melody. It is a common element in popular music and is used to … Read More


Unlocking the Power of Counterpoint in Songwriting

Ever heard a song that should be chaotic with so many instruments and voices yet works together so perfectly? Well, let me introduce you to the musician’s secret of counterpoint. It’s a fancy word, but it simply means using multiple … Read More

Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice: Tips for Understanding Your Genre

As a songwriter, it can be a challenge finding your voice and identifying what genre you fit into. For new songwriters, it can be especially difficult to navigate the vast and varied landscape of music genres. Even for writers who … Read More

Word Stretching

The Fine Line of Word Stretching: Do’s and Don’ts

Word stretching in a song, or emphasizing syllables in an unnatural way, can be a tricky area for songwriters and musicians. On one hand, adding emphasis or stretching words can add character and personality to a song, and can help … Read More

Red Flags to Avoid in a Melody

Red Flags to Avoid in a Melody

As a music maker, crafting a strong and memorable melody is crucial to the success of your song. However, there are certain pitfalls that you should avoid in order to create a cohesive and effective melody. Here are five red … Read More

write a vocal melody

5 Strategies to Write a Vocal Melody

So you want to write a vocal melody but don’t know where to start? Sit back and get ready to exercise your eyes because I got five different melody ideas for you to get your melody muscles moving. 1. Freestyle … Read More