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Ultimate Tool for Pop Melodies

Create catchy pop anthems with MelodyStudio, the #1 tool for making pop melodies.

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How it works

1. Type your lyrics (add chords, if you wish).

2. MelodyStudio gives you original ideas for pop melodies and how to sing them, line by line.

3. Combine the pop melodies, edit & make them your own.

Who is it for?

• Producers & singers ready to write their own songs

• Songwriters who want to explore new creative possibilities or speed up their process

• Anyone who wishes to begin writing songs - there is no better way to get started writing pop melodies than with MelodyStudio!


Got more questions?

Do I get to keep the copyright?

Yes! You keep all the rights to the projects you create on this platform. MelodyStudio is a 100% royalty free melody generator.

How does it help me improve my skills?

You will get inspired with original melody ideas, edit them, and make them your own. Using MelodyStudio will make you better at coming up with your own pop melodies.

Do I need LyricStudio to use MelodyStudio?

No, you can use either individually. However, we recommend using your LyricStudio lyrics in MelodyStudio. 🙂


“Now we’ve reached magic territory. All of a sudden, now your world has opened up and you’re able to see so many more musical possibilities.” 

– Adelynn Mejia


“Using MelodyStudio helped inspire new types of melodies I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of and helped expand my creativity as an artist.”



music producers

“MelodyStudio is very user-friendly, so even if you’re not Beethoven, you still can create something magical.”

– Darius J


MelodyStudio: Ultimate Guide for Pop Artists

Pop artists: you know that crafting a hit song requires a special blend of catchy melodies, dynamic chord progressions, and memorable lyrics. MelodyStudio can help you with all of these components, making the songwriting process smoother and more efficient. With MelodyStudio, you can generate melodies and chords that capture the essence of pop music, so you can focus on bringing your unique voice and perspective to your music. In this blog post, we will show you how to use MelodyStudio to write a pop song that will have your fans singing along.

1. Get Familiar with MelodyStudio

Before you start creating your pop hit, take some time to familiarize yourself with the MelodyStudio interface. MelodyStudio is a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for pop artists to create melodies and chord progressions. Take some time to explore the different features, including the melody and chord generators, and the timeline below your workspace. Also, take note of the tempo feature and where you can change the key of the song.

2. Start with the Lyrics

Start your songwriting process by bringing in some lyrics into MelodyStudio. Make sure to label the sections while you’re at it. If you’re struggling with writing lyrics for your song, don’t worry! LyricStudio can help you out. You can input keywords related to your song’s theme, and LyricStudio will provide you with a variety of suggestions to inspire your lyric writing.

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