a cappella

Tips for A Cappella Songwriting

When you think of a cappella, or vocal music without any instrumental accompaniment, the movie Pitch Perfect may come to mind. While the well-known form of a cappella is arrangements of popular tunes, a cappella songwriting can be a unique … Read More

unusual chords

Intro to Advanced Songwriting: Unusual Chords

As a songwriter, it’s important to have a solid understanding of the different types of chords available to you. While major and minor chords may be the most common, there are many other options that can add color and complexity … Read More

suspended chords

How to Use Suspended Chords in Songwriting

If you’re looking to add some flair to your songs and have already tried using every single major and minor chord in combination, consider using the suspended chords. Suspended chords are a musical technique that can add tension and a … Read More

nostalgia in music

Capturing Childhood Nostalgia in Music

Childhood nostalgia is a powerful emotion that can evoke a sense of longing and comfort in anyone who experiences it. Capturing this feeling in music can be a powerful way to connect with listeners, and can create a lasting impact … Read More

time signatures

Playing With Time: Your Guide to Time Signatures

As a songwriter, understanding time signatures is crucial in creating a well-crafted song. In music, a time signature denotes the number of beats per measure. In this blog, we’ll dive into the basics of time signatures and explore some of … Read More

9th chords

Intro to Advanced Songwriting: 9th Chords

So, you’ve mastered the major and minor chords and even the sevenths, but when it comes to chord extensions, you may feel intimidated by the idea of incorporating intervals beyond the basic triads. It is time to explore the world … Read More

how to write songs in different genres

How to Write Songs in Different Genres

As a songwriter, it’s natural to stick with what you know when it comes to writing music. However, stepping out of your comfort zone and knowing how to write songs in different genres can help you grow as a musician … Read More

emotion in your music

How to Evoke a Specific Emotion in Your Music

Music has an incredible power to convey emotions, and as a songwriter, it’s important to be able to channel that power into your own music. When you’re looking to evoke specific emotion in your music, there are several things to … Read More

major and minor chords

Substitution Using Just Major and Minor Chords

Substituting a major chord for a minor chord can add a new and interesting sound to your chord progression, and is an effective way to change the emotional tone of your music. Here are some tips to help you use … Read More

Writing a Timeless Classic

Tips for Writing a Timeless Classic

Writing a song that stands the test of time is no easy feat. It requires careful consideration of various factors, including the chords, melody, and lyrics. To achieve a timeless classic, you also need to think about the development of … Read More

Mixolydian Mode

Modes Crash Course: The Mixolydian Mode

You’re learning about music theory and stumble across modes. Modes are less common in popular music than the major and minor scales, but they are more common than you might think. With a little practice, you will be able to … Read More

Dorian Mode

Modes Crash Course: The Dorian Mode

So you’ve just learned about modes and you want to delve into it a bit more. Let’s start off with one of the more popular modes: The Dorian Mode. The Dorian mode is a musical mode that is commonly used … Read More


Modes Crash Course: Basic Guide for Songwriters

As a musician, you have probably come across many music theory concepts that have made you scratch your head. We will be going over one of those topics today: Modes. Modes are a set of notes that create a unique … Read More

Songs That Transport Your Listeners

How to Write Songs That Transport Your Listeners

World building in songs is an art form that has the ability to transport listeners to other dimensions and create a unique, immersive experience. Creating an ethereal or otherworldly vibe in your songs is a great way to achieve this … Read More

How to Come Up With a Rhythm

How to Come Up With a Rhythm

One of the key elements of any song is its rhythm. It is what gives a song its sense of movement and flow, and can make it stand out from other songs. If you’re a songwriter, coming up with a … Read More

Seventh chords

Seventh Chords: Intro to Advanced Songwriting

Seventh chords are a powerful tool in songwriting that can add depth and complexity to your music. By adding an extra note to a standard triad, a seventh chord can create a more interesting and dynamic sound that can be … Read More

music theory

Music Theory Crash Course for Songwriters

Most people wince in the face of music theory as it can be intimidating at first glance. However, there are concepts that every songwriter should have a good grasp of. Understanding these concepts not only helps you better create the … Read More

Why You Should Sing

Why You Should Sing – Even if You Think You Suck

Are you the type of person who runs and hides at the mere mention of karaoke night? Do you cringe at the thought of singing in front of others? Well, let me tell you, singing is not just for professional … Read More

writing harmonies

Writing Harmonies for Your Song

When it comes to writing a song, one of the most important aspects is creating a strong melody that can hook listeners in. However, a melody alone may not be enough to create a memorable and impactful song. That’s where … Read More

Melodic variation

The Importance of Melodic Variation in Songwriting

Melodic variation is a fundamental aspect of songwriting that has been used by musicians throughout history to create unique and memorable pieces of music. It is the process of taking a basic melody or musical phrase and changing it in … Read More