vocal melodies

vocal and non-vocal melodies

The Difference Between Vocal and Non-Vocal Melodies

A melody is a sequence of musical notes that creates a sense of rhythm and movement in a piece of music. Today we look at two main types of melodies: vocal and non-vocal melodies. While they may seem similar on … Read More

write a vocal melody

5 Strategies to Write a Vocal Melody

So you want to write a vocal melody but don’t know where to start? Sit back and get ready to exercise your eyes because I got five different melody ideas for you to get your melody muscles moving. 1. Freestyle … Read More

What makes a great vocal melody

What Makes a Great Vocal Melody?

A great vocal melody is one that is memorable, expressive, and well-suited to the lyrics and the overall musical context. Some of the key factors that can make a vocal melody great include the following: In conclusion, a great vocal … Read More