Why Every Musician Should Learn to Improvise

learn to improvise

The art of improvisation is a vital component of any musician’s skill set. It allows one to break free from the constraints of pre-written compositions and delve into the realm of self-expression. Choosing to learn to improvise can be likened to mastering a new language; one begins by mastering the basics, such as vocabulary and grammar. However, just as one would not want to be limited to reciting poetry and essays in a new language, one should not limit themselves to playing pre-written music on their instrument.

Improvisation empowers the musician to create their own musical phrases and convey their unique artistic vision.
It is a well-known fact that guitar players are often given greater freedom and encouraged to go beyond the score, to improvise and express themselves freely. Jazz musicians also tend to improvise as a fundamental part of their music. But it is not just guitar players and jazz musicians who should be encouraged to improvise. Unfortunately, piano players, in particular, tend to confine themselves to playing the compositions of others. This is not only limited to pianists but applies to most musicians including vocalists. They are taught to play others’ music and not share their own story through their music.

Improvisation is an essential skill that should be nurtured and encouraged in all musicians regardless of skill level or genre. Children should be encouraged to explore improvisational techniques from the early stages of their musical journey, just as they are encouraged to express themselves confidently in their new language. Adult musicians, both amateur and professional, should be encouraged to embrace the freedom of self-expression through improvisation.

In addition to providing an avenue for self-expression, choosing to learn to improvise also enhances one’s connection to the music being played. It requires active listening, experimentation, and creative thinking, refining one’s ears and fostering confidence in one’s abilities. Improvisation not only allows musicians to express themselves freely but also to develop a deeper understanding and connection to the music they play. Improvisation is not just a technique but a way of life for a musician.

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