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How to make music

How to Make Music in MelodyStudio

MelodyStudio is a revolutionary platform for songwriters and music creators, designed to elevate your craft and give you greater control and creative freedom. With its powerful AI-assisted vocal melody and lead sheet creation capabilities, MelodyStudio offers an easy and intuitive … Read More

Songwriting Exercises

Songwriting Exercises with MelodyStudio

MelodyStudio is a powerful platform for songwriters and music creators, designed to elevate your craft and give you greater control and creative freedom. With its AI-assisted vocal melody and chord generation capabilities, it offers an easy and intuitive way to … Read More

music generators

How Music Generators Are Making the World More Creative

In an age of consumption and an overwhelming amount of mass-produced content, it can be difficult to maintain a sense of individuality and self-expression. This is where AI-powered music generators come in, offering a solution for those looking to infuse … Read More

What makes a hit song

What makes a hit song: The Anatomy of a Hit

What makes a hit song? It’s a question that has puzzled musicians, songwriters, and music industry professionals for decades. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to crafting a hit song, but there are certainly a few … Read More

great song ideas

How Great Song Ideas Are Actually Created

The myth of the “eureka moment” in songwriting – the idea that great song ideas come in a single moment of inspiration – is a pervasive one, and it can be especially damaging for songwriters who are trying to come … Read More

Quantity in Songwriting

The Power of Quantity in Songwriting

As a songwriter, it can be tempting to focus all your energy and effort on writing the perfect song. You might spend hours, days, or even weeks fine-tuning your lyrics, melodies, and arrangements, pouring your heart and soul into each … Read More

Emoji Songwriting

Emoji Songwriting: A Fun Take on the Creative Process

The songwriting process is a wild ride, full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and moments of both inspiration and frustration. But fear not! We’ve got the perfect way to navigate this crazy journey – emoji songwriting! It all … Read More

How to Boost Your Creativity

How to Boost Your Creativity: Tips for Songwriters

As a songwriter, creativity is at the heart of your craft – it’s the driving force behind your ideas, melodies, and lyrics. But sometimes, even the most talented and experienced songwriters can feel stuck or uninspired. So what’s the secret … Read More

good melody generator

Top 4 Features of a Good Melody Generator

A good melody generator is a valuable tool for any songwriter, helping to take your music to new heights and bring your lyrics to life. Here are a few key features that make for a great melody generator: 1. Control … Read More

creative groove

Silence Your Inner Critic and Find Your Creative Groove

As a songwriter, it’s natural to have an inner critic – that voice in your head that tells you your ideas aren’t good enough, that your lyrics are cliched, that your melodies are derivative. It’s a voice that can be … Read More

Interpretation in Songwriting

The Power of Interpretation in Songwriting

Songs can hold different meanings and emotional significance for different people. Whether it’s a love song that reminds you of a past relationship, or a pop song that you and your friends love to dance to, the emotional impact of … Read More

How to Revise and Edit Your Songs

How to Revise and Edit Your Songs

Knowing how to revise and edit your songs is an important part of the songwriting process. It’s a chance to fine-tune your lyrics, melodies, and arrangements, and to make sure that your songs are the best they can be. However, … Read More

Stay Motivated When Songwriting

How to Stay Motivated When Songwriting

Writing songs can be a rewarding and fulfilling creative pursuit, but it’s not always easy. It’s natural to experience periods of writer’s block, self-doubt, and lack of motivation. If you’re struggling to stay motivated when songwriting, here are some tips … Read More

Songwriters Should Learn to Improvise

Why Songwriters Should Learn to Improvise

Improvisation is the act of creating music spontaneously, without preparation or pre-written materials. It is a skill that is often associated with jazz music, but it can also be applied to other genres of music, including folk, pop, rock, and … Read More

Fun Exercises for Songwriters

Fun Exercises for Songwriters that Don’t Involve Writing a Song

Songwriting is an art learned best by doing – writing songs frequently is one of the best ways to improve your craft. However, today, we’re focusing on fun exercises for songwriters that don’t involve actually writing a song. Yes, you … Read More

share your music

Why You Should Share Your Music with the World

As a musician, you know firsthand the joy and satisfaction that comes from creating and performing music. But sharing your music with the world can be intimidating, especially if you’re a little shy about your work. However, there are countless … Read More

challenges for songwriters

Top Challenges for Songwriters: How to Tackle Them

As a songwriter, you know that the process of creating new music can be challenging at times. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been writing for years, there are certain obstacles that you may face along the way. In … Read More

Chord Inversions

Chord Inversions: A Beginner’s Guide

In music theory, a chord inversion refers to the rearrangement of a chord’s notes in a different order. Chord inversions are a useful tool for creating interesting and varied harmonies, and are often used in music composition and arrangement. A … Read More

Jumpstart Your Songwriting Journey

How a Melody Generator Can Jumpstart Your Songwriting Journey

Melody generators can be an incredibly helpful tool for songwriters, especially for those who are just starting out or struggling to find inspiration. A melody generator can help jumpstart your songwriting journey and bring new ideas to the table. One … Read More

songwriting exercises for beginners

Minimalistic Songwriting Exercises for Beginners

Minimalistic songwriting exercises can be an incredibly effective way for beginner songwriters to build confidence and proficiency. And let’s be real – when you’re just starting out, the idea of writing an entire song with multiple chords, complex melodies, and … Read More