Why Songwriters Should Play Classical Music

play classical music

As a contemporary songwriter, you may feel like classical music is not relevant to your craft. You may play a multitude of instruments but have no desire to play classical music. However, classical music has a rich history and can offer many benefits to your songwriting process. Here are some reasons why you should play classical music:

1. Gain Inspiration

Classical music has a rich history that spans hundreds of years. By exploring classical music, you can find inspiration in the great composers who came before you. Whether you want to incorporate a melody from a classical piece or create a unique sound, classical music can provide you with new ideas and approaches.

2. Learn New Techniques

Classical music has a complex structure and requires a high level of technical proficiency to perform. By practicing classical pieces, you can learn new techniques that you can apply to your own songwriting. For example, classical music often features intricate chord progressions, complex rhythms, and unconventional time signatures.

3. Expand Your Knowledge

Classical music has had a significant impact on music history, and understanding its influence can help you become a better songwriter. By learning music theory, you can identify common themes and structures that can be used in contemporary music. Additionally, studying classical music can help you appreciate the significance of music and why modern songs are written the way they are.

4. Develop Your Ear

Classical music requires careful listening and attention to detail. By practicing classical music, you can develop your ear and learn to hear nuances in tone, pitch, and dynamics. You may even start to be able to recognize all the different chords by ear. This can help you create more complex and sophisticated melodies and harmonies in your own songwriting.

5. Enhance Your Emotional Expression

Classical music often explores complex emotions and themes. By learning how to play classical music, you can enhance your own emotional expression in your songwriting. Whether you want to convey joy, sorrow, or any other emotion, classical music can provide you with a wealth of ideas and techniques to help you express yourself more fully.

Classical music is a genre that songwriters should consider exploring as it offers numerous benefits for their craft. When you play classical music, you can gain new perspectives, challenge yourself, and ultimately improve your artistry. Even if classical music may seem intimidating or unfamiliar at first, taking the time to explore it can lead to a greater appreciation and understanding of music as a whole. So, whether it’s incorporating classical elements into modern songs or simply listening to pieces from the past, there are endless possibilities for songwriters to learn and grow through the study of classical music.

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