How to Write a Pre-Chorus

how to write a pre-chorus

Let’s delve into the fascinating world of the pre-chorus, that magical segment that sets the stage for the grand climax: the chorus! While the pre-chorus might not enjoy the same fame as the verse or chorus, it holds tremendous power in shaping a song. So, let’s immerse ourselves in the art of how to write a pre-chorus.

What is a Pre-Chorus?

The pre-chorus, also known as the lift or climb, is a section of the song that follows the verse and precedes the chorus. Its primary purpose is to serve as a transitional moment between the verse and chorus, building anticipation and paving the way for the chorus to shine. Typically shorter than the verse and chorus, it usually spans four to eight lines.

Tips for how to write a Pre-Chorus:

Maintain melodic and chord consistency: Consistency plays a pivotal role in how to write a pre-chorus. By keeping the melody and chords the same for each pre-chorus, you establish a sense of familiarity that heightens the listener’s anticipation for the forthcoming chorus.

Elevate from the verse

While the melody should remain consistent throughout the pre-chorus, it should also ascend slightly to provide a change of pace from the verse. By elevating the melody with higher notes or subtle variations, you signal to the listener that something exciting is on the horizon.

Introduce chord variations

If the chorus features a different chord progression than the verse, it can be impactful to introduce this change in the pre-chorus. This creates a clear transition from the verse to the chorus, enhancing the overall flow of the song.

Harness tension and release

The pre-chorus presents the perfect opportunity to build tension before the exhilarating release of the chorus. Experiment with diverse chord progressions, melodies, and rhythms to evoke tension and create a sense of eager anticipation.

There you have it, fellow musicians! The pre-chorus, though modest in duration, possesses the potential to greatly influence how your listeners experience the chorus. Maintain consistency, cultivate anticipation, and fearlessly embrace experimentation. Soon enough, you’ll master how to write a pre-chorus. Happy songwriting!

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